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  • Harefield Hospital

    Harefield Hospital is part of the Royal Brompton&Harefield Foundation Trust, worldwide recognized for its expertise in successful treatment of lung diseases.

    You will have your operation in Harefield Hospital under my care, as it provides leading specialist teams, perfect infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical technology
  • The Wellington Hospital

    The Wellington Hospital is the UK`s largest private hospital which belongs to HCA Healthcare, the only independent healthcare group in the UK specialized in both complex and acute medical conditions.

    Located in the centre of London, the Wellington Hospital covers multiple disciplines and offers me the chance to offer you integral and thorough care.
  • The Harley Street Clinic

    The Harley Street Clinic is one of the world leading private care hospitals. Your consultant and the clinics professional team will accompany your complete stay.

    With the help of The Harley Street Clinic professional team we will transform your hospital stay to a positive experience you will always look back on with a smile
  • BUPA Crowell Hospital

    The BUPA Cromwell Hospital in central London is an international renowned private hospital providing latest standards for your medical care.

    If you prefer to have your private surgery done in the heart of central London, I can offer to perform your surgery and aftercare in this phenomenal BUPA hospital.